La Paloma A Unique Southwestern Dining Experience



Exterior shot of La Paloma and photo of Paulette Motzko taken by Nick F. Belman

I moved to Vista, CA yesterday and the first thing I did when I arrived was research the best, most-bragged about, incredible restaurants in the area. I discovered La Paloma and walked about a mile or more to check it out.

From the terra cotta clay colored exterior with the welcoming trickling fountain to the warm and inviting dining rooms and bar- La Paloma is truly extraordinary.

I met Steven Holick the owner of La Paloma yesterday and saw him again today. Even though being busy with graduations yesterday and arranging tables for a large party, he made time for me. He graciously asked me what kind of dishes I loved and if I liked chicken or fish or beef or pork…or what my favorites were, and then ordered me a fantastic plate called “Rellenos de Mariscos” with lobster, shrimp, and clams robed in a rich Alfredo sauce and stuffed into poblano chilies.


Paulette Motzko basking in the warm glow of the patio at La Paloma

When the dish arrived, it looked like “art on a plate that tastes good too.” The Rellenos de Mariscos came with black beans simmered with Merlot wine, which were worth every hour on the stove!

Today I enjoyed the Tamales de Pollo with two kinds of Mole-one lighter and zestier, and the other darker and more mild.


Tamales de Pollo with Mole





The Steven is Italian and he said he liked me because I am positive and a go-getter and a “black & white” kind of thinker like him. I am part Italian and French with a little Blackfoot Indian in me to make me mysterious….

So, stay tuned, there will be more written about La Paloma and how memorable the dishes are and why people drive from all over to San Diego County to taste their tempting fare.

Written by Paulette L Motzko
Photography by Paulette L Motzko
And Nick F Belman

Copyright June 2014

The next photos will be with my Nikon DSLR 24 MP camera.
These were shot with my Android MyTouch Q Smart Phone &
Nick F Belman’s Galaxy 4 Smart Phone.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Photography & Photo Editing by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright June 2014


Author: paulettemotzko

Paulette Motzko is a freelance writer, photographer and marketing consultant living in the high desert of Las Vegas, NV. I was a Master Piano Teacher for 20 years married to a Rocket Scientist for 15 years. To contact me you can email me at You can also call or text me in regards to writing or photography projects 714-728-6037

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