Red Rock Pizza

Above a photo of “Rocky” Red Rock Pizza’s friendly mascot that greets everyone as you walk in the door. He caught my attention, that’s for sure!

In all of my 56 years I’ve never seen a place that makes their cannolis fresh when you come in and they are 1 million percent worth the wait! They make the best cannolis I’ve ever had in my life, and that’s a fact.

The vanilla custard filling is nice and creamy and has a subtle vanilla flavor too.

The photo that I created now has 1,161 views. Wait till you see what it would look like if we could play it on a nice white plate!

The interior photo above I shot on my last visit. I can’t believe in just a few weeks it has gotten 21,240 views as of Monday, July 6th, 2018 at 11 a.m.

Everyday the images that I photographed and edited then put on Google Maps for your restaurant increased by 200 views a day or more.

If you sold more those homemade cannolis you make that are out of this world it’s because the photo and review on Google Maps photographed with my HD camera by me three weeks ago alone got over 800 views!

I never quite know how the pictures are going to do once I create them, but I was elated when I discovered through a report from Google yours did as well as they did.

All the photos that I did from PLM Studios are number 1 on Google Maps now.

Another interior shot above that the world loves on Google Maps where I am a Guide and Expert Photographer.

I just noticed when I was there they didn’t have any good interior shots anywhere so I took some for them!

I always do what’s never been done because I don’t want to be a repeat of anybody. I hope to be someone’s Answered Prayer.

The people at Red Rock Pizza have a real vested interest in what they do and great Italian cooking is a passion with all of them.

Customer service really matters to them too because their regular customers matter to them and they always come first.

Paul, the owner is so friendly and kind and he was the first one to ever wait on me when I came in months ago.

They take pride in the quality of ingredients and everything they make and the way they do it, unlike most places.

When I talked to Crystal on the phone yesterday, she mentioned that she had been there for 20 years.

Then I said “that’s because you’re doing something really right and you’re like one of the family now. You’re one of the many great people that Red Rock Pizza has to keep bringing people in.”

After all, great restaurants are built around way more than just great food on a plate. The people who make it all great are key. Red Rock Pizza has people working for it who genuinely made my experience a great and memorable one!

You can always tell a great restaurant when the staff has been there over 20 years; this is the case here.

Their menu is quite extensive and it would take several years probably to try everything on it, but it would be culinary tour I’d like to take!

Everything I’ve tried though, is outstanding including the mozzarella cheese bread pictured here below.

The photo I took an edited is now up to 773 views!

You have to try this cozy family owned Italian restaurant out! No matter what you order, you can’t go wrong and you will leave with a smile on your face!


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