Restaurant Show Case- Showing and Telling ONLY the GOOD about your restaurant

What CA Restaurant Show Case is:

It is a service created by Paulette Motzko that works with restaurants to find out what kinds of marketing things you are doing, and hopefully, through working with the restaurant owner, General Manager or PR Directors, Paulette can do what you aren’t doing.

Feature Story-Writes all about the most unique, best things about your restaurant or food business. (No bad stuff!)

Photographs-Food shots for menus, digital menus, wall art, photographs of interiors and exteriors of buildings showing the details of the design and landscaping.

Facebook or Twitter Creation and/or Moderation

Instagram Advertisements

What it costs:

Feature Story-$200

Network Site Creation-$150

Network Site Moderation-$100 a month

Photography-$75 an hour with a two hour minimum

Instagram posts-50 a month is $100

Twitter posts-50 for your or your company-Pithy posts that will get the attention of the audience you are trying to attract…just like a bear to honey!

Call 714-728-6037 to discuss when you can meet to talk about how Paulette Motzko can get you on the top of the Google charts.

$600 Value Package-1 Feature Story, 50 photographs with a 24 MP DSLR Nikon, Syndication on, Yelp, Urban Spoon


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