‘No loud kids’ policy ‘good for business’ at Old Fisherman’s Grotto in Monterey


Mr. Shake doesn’t say kids aren’t allowed but asks if the child cries or makes disruptive noises to kindly, as a consideration to other paying diners to take the child outside.

I remember when Mark my now ex-husband the rocket scientist and I would go to really nice restaurants we would purposely sit away from screaming kids. After all, who would willingly sit next to that when you’re sitting down to a $50 dinner. We simply didn’t want to hear the screaming and yelling that there might be and I don’t think that’s so wrong. I know if each parent put themselves in the position of fellow diners they wouldn’t blame them.

I love kids but I couldn’t have kids but I taught kids piano 25 years and my opinion about children is they’re 100% the parent’s responsibility. Love, values, the way they think about themselves and how they behave in public.

The behavior of a child is representative of the parent that brought that child into the world. And, when you go anywhere, whether it’s a church and they have that separate crying room area for the really young kids, that’s just out of consideration for other people.

It doesn’t mean that those people are wrong for wanting quiet it just means that they want peace and they want a nice dining experience.

After working with restaurants over the span of a decade that I been doing feature stories for restaurants, and photographs for them, I know that that’s Paramount to every restaurant owner.

Every restaurant owner or wants is to create a pleasant “dining experience” for their happy guests. I just had never heard of anyone that did this before and I think it may be blunt but I think there’s nothing wrong with it.

How would I feel if the parents feel if they were listening screaming?

Probably not great.

A little kindness and consideration goes a long way in this world that’s what Mr. Shakes blunt way of passing accomplishes.

Blunt yes, but it gets the job done.

Diners know that when they go to The Old Fisherman’s Grotto it’s nice and quiet and delicious; I’m sure it’s awesome! I was there many years ago when I was married; it’s so beautiful around there.

I grew up in Southern California and I’ve thought about going to Monterey again because what area has a majesty and charm about it unlike any other.

When I was married I didn’t have blogs when I wasn’t paid writer and I wasn’t photographer either I hadn’t discovered those things yet.

I would love to take pictures there and I think I’ll drop by and say hello to Mr. Shake and have some delicious food when I go!

Original story adapted from ABC News excerpt from Google.

Written and compiled by

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

May 18th 2018. 9:49 a.m.