Chinese Chicken Salad at The Grand Cafe, Texas Station

Photographed by Paulette Motzko, PLM Studios

Copyright, October 2, 2016

10:41 p.m


Chao Thai and Chef Dang’s Fabulous Orange Chicken & More!

imageChao Thai Feature Story Sample by Paulette L Motzko

Photography by Paulette L Motzko July 2014

I have to say that all the people who work at Chao Thai are extra friendly and even if the food weren’t good-I might still come in! The great news is the food is FRESH and FLAVORFUL and FABULOUS and Chef Dang who has prepared all the dishes I have eaten there, comes to my table and talks with me and makes it a joy to dine there.

The first time I ate there I ate the Chicken with Zucchini and Vegetables and it was presented on a beautiful white square dish showing off the dish all the better. The sauce was subtle and slightly sweet and delightful. It did not have a taste like too much soy sauce was added as I taste in many Asian inspired restaurants and even Thai restaurants. Chef Dang wouldn’t tell me all the ingredients she put in the sauce, but it was prepared to order.


I had the Orange Chicken, which is photographed above and the batter was a light heavenly crispy tempura and the sauce was amazingly orange flavored. It was the best, freshest Orange Chicken I have had anywhere in my life, and I will order it again and again!

I also love their Thai Iced Tea, which I have come in to get it to go. It keeps me cook in the very hot Las Vegas heat!

There are so many dishes I want to try at Chao Thai, it will take me many years to come!

Cugino’s Italian Deli & Pizzeria



I thought I would open the story about Cugino’s Italian Deli & Pizzeria with dessert.

I had another steaming cup of cappuccino created with a crema on top of steamed milk that was white and creamy and couldn’t believe how quickly it was brought out. How did they do it? Magic? No. Cugino’s has a Lavazza barista style coffee maker to go along with the amazing Lavazza coffee.

Mrs. Cugino, a wonderful, sweet short haired blonde lady always greets me with a kind smile and is so gracious. She made the best, lightest cannoli filled with a slightly sweet ricotta filling reminiscent of cinnamon and flavored with semi sweet chocolate chips.

The combination of the cappuccino and cannoli played a song in my mouth like a string orchestra.

Need I say more?

If every day began with a cup of coffee from Cugino’s, and that was all, it would be a great day.

But then there is lunch….and dinner too & at Cugino’s there are unlimited possibilities.




Cugino’s Italian Deli & Pizzaria

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
June 16th, 2014

I am new to Las Vegas, Nevada and moved from sunny southern California, where cool breezes abound with palm trees studding Pacific Coast Highway from Laguna Beach to Malibu.

I live in back of Cugino’s and on the first day I walked outside of the condo I am renting I saw the backside of the building with the words “Italian” and “Deli” emblazened on the back side. In my mind it was like a warm family welcome to my new neighborhood.

Wonderful positive memories flooded my mind when I entered the doors of Cugino’s Italian Deli & Pizzaria just walking distance from the cozy condo I now live in. To have such a pearl in my new neighborhood was like being right at “home.”

Only at Cugino’s do you have three brothers working with their father and mother-and uncle-making the most delicious homemade pizzas, deli sandwiches, cannoli, rice balls-arancini-full of mozzarella, Reggiano Parmesan Cheese, ricotta, with the prize of ground seasoned beef in the center with peas, fried with seasoned breadcrumbs and served alongside homemade marinara.

Can you taste a rice ball yet? I did. More than that the Cugino Family are wonderful people with a heritage with another family owned deli in New York that brought in thousands through the years.

They made their new home Las Vegas, Nevada in 2006 and I just sat there absorbing it all and looking at all the Italians, Italian-Americans, and people of all kinds love it all!
If it is Cento tomatoes you want, they have them. If it is the best imported Reggiano Parm you want, they have that, and mozzarella-all the best quality money can buy.

They also make their own ricotta every day and all the cannoli’s and cookies were baked with love, true to the good old Italian traditions.

Some of their specialties are:

Homemade Italian Sausage that look like works of art with interesting seasonings

Fresh Mozzarella
Fresh Italian Bread Baked Daily
Homemade Pizza Rustica
Homemade Italian Cookies
They also deliver to the Las Vegas, NV area with a minimum delivery of $15 at-702-895-7561

Amazingly open 7 days a week from 10am-8pm

Cugino’s serves every dish that you would get in a high end Italian restaurant. Dishes like:

Spaghetti with Meatballs or Italian Sausage


Lasagna-As a matter of fact, you can buy the fresh lasagna sheets here!



I went with a special friend of mine yesterday and the two of us savored mellow but full bodied cups of cappuccino and hot black coffee made with Lavazza coffee from Italy. That was a delightful appetizer and followed we my friend ordered two of their specialty sandwiches: The Soprano and Donny’s Special.


One sandwich is enough for two people with average appetites or even good ones!
I have lunch for today from the leftovers!

Just a sampling of the kind of sandwich you will get at Cugino’s



Makes ya want to take a bite out of it, doesn’t it?