Old Mexico Restaurant-Fine Mexican Cuisine

Travel Through The Regions of Mexico Without Leaving Southern CA- at Old Mexico Restaurant in Anaheim, CA

2970 W. Lincoln Ave., Anaheim, CA 92801



Welcome to Old Mexico Restaurant
Welcome to Old Mexico Restaurant

I came across Old Mexico Restaurant by a friend of mine who spotted the sign when he was out and about. He took a photo of the sign, walked in and saw the generous buffet of fourteen fresh and delicious Mexican specialties, and took me for the Sunday Buffet. I was blown away by my Pork Tamales with refried beans and Mexican rice and I wrote a story and uploaded the photos I took while there showing a sample of my work. Miguel really loved the idea of me helping take them from local exposure to national exposure and also having me shoot all new, clear, high resolution photographs for their menus, signs, web site and other purposes.


DSC_0872Happy Birthday Girl with sombrero on while employees sing Happy Birthday Panchita to her!

I tried the buffet today after I got great photos of their daily buffet selections and I couldn’t believe my taste buds! For only $6.95 Mondays through Fridays at Old Mexico Restaurant at 2970 Lincoln Ave., in Anaheim, CA you can choose from 14 selections as well as fresh cantaloupe, watermelon, oranges, salad makings & dressings, and soft serve ice cream for dessert.






Old Mexico Refried Beans
Old Mexico Refried Beans

wpid-photogrid_1396812645273.jpgA Photo Badge I created for Miguel Garcia, co-owner of Old Mexico Restaurant to send with texts, emails etc.

Eating dinner at Old Mexico Restaurant is like traveling all over the regions of Mexico and trying dishes native to places like Michoacan, Jalisco, and many others.

CalabacitasBestDaylightShot4.2014My personal favorite- Calabacitas- Zucchini with Garlic, Onions, and Sweet Peppers.

Old Mexico doesn't mask and cover up the chicken flavor
Tender Chicken Fajitas

Chicken Fajitas are a regular on Old Mexico’s buffet. The chicken is ultra-tender and is delicately flavored, unlike many I have tried. Usually restaurants coat the chicken in a dark, almost soy sauce flavored marinade-that masks the chicken’s natural flavors. The fantastic, talented chefs at Old Mexico know to let the natural flavors of the chicken shine and be the star.


In the words of Miguel Garcia who is co-owner of Old Mexico Restaurant:

“My brother Juan and I are originally from Michoacán, Mexico and we brought a little piece of our traditional food from Michoacán like Nopales con Chicharonnes in red sauce (salsa rojas), Enchiladas con queso and the best barbaquoa in Orange County.”


 Juan Garcia at far left…cooking fresh omelettes with all the works and serving menudo and an incredible fish chowder with halibut for hungry diners at Old Mexico Restaurant.

Juan Garcia loves to cook for you!
Juan Garcia loves to cook for you!



ChickenMoleBestDaylightShot4.2014Chicken Mole made from scratch by Juan & Miguel Garcia with nearly a dozen ingredients in the mole!



Come and sit down for awhile! The Garcia Family invites you to their house-or their casa in Old Mexico!

At Old Mexico you will drool at just the smell of their Beef BBQ!

They also serve Machaga from Jalisco, Chile Rellenos made from Pasilla chilies, Rosarito Fish Tacos from Encinitas, Mexico; the marinade on their beef Barbaquoa is fantastic, and are a regular feature on their daily buffet for a mere $6.95!

Old Mexico loves families, which is why kids eat the buffet for half price!

{You can eat a burger and fries for more than that!}


PorkwithVerdeSauceBestShot4.2014Pork with Verde Sauce made with tamatilloes that they peel each day!

Plantains sweetened with cinnamon, sugar & spices
Plantains sweetened with cinnamon, sugar & spices
Cheese Enchiladas
Cheese Enchiladas

My personal favorites were the Calabacitas (zucchini with tomatoes and onions reminded me of dishes my Nanny made for me and I make now. Not too many places make a great Chicken Mole, but Old Mexico takes the time and effort to make a great one. Their cinnamon spice plantains are a nicely sweet foil to the more spicy dishes on the buffet. I know once you taste any of them, you will be a believer and you will bring your family and friends on a regular basis. (Kids are half price on the buffet!)

Ricardo Hernandez is a regular at Old Mexico--like one of the family!
Ricardo Hernandez is a regular at Old Mexico–like one of the family!

The Nopales (cactus) is reminiscent of green chilies and it is in a chicharones sauce. Miguel is especially proud of serving that as “nobody does that!”


PappasonBuffetBest4.2014Pappas-Potatoes with onions and sweet peppers are one of the fourteen features on Old Mexico’s Daily Buffet. These are great with breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Old Mexico's Penne Alfredo is so delish you'll wonder if there's an Italian in the kitchen!
Old Mexico’s Penne Alfredo is so delish you’ll wonder if there’s an Italian in the kitchen!



Nopales-Cactus-a regional specialty you will find it hard to find in southern California-but are made daily


DSC_0657Roses I bought from Jesus, a local rose vendor who loves the food at Old Mexico

Another loyal Old Mexico customer
Another loyal Old Mexico customer


The Pork Tamales has a very light and airy masa, almost like corn bread, and very delicious. All are homemade by the chefs of Old Mexico.

What is one of your favorite Mexican specialties? Chances are it is on Old Mexico’s huge menu and you can taste “muey delicioso” food as good as if your Mexican grandma cooked it for you! If you are a gringo like me, you will feel like one of the familia when you walk through Old Mexico’s welcoming doors.


DiningRoomEasterOldMexico4.2014Easter 2014

DSC_0765One of the many families enjoying themselves with the Mariachi Estrellas de Americas Band on Easter 2014

What an awesome Easter I had shooting this! I was tapping my feet and felt like dancing shooting this!



Saturday and Sun there are even more choices for only a buck more than the daily $6.95 of only $7.95.

How many times have you spent that much eating fast food or a greasy hamburger?

At Old Mexico Restaurant in Anaheim, CA off Beach Blvd at Lincoln Ave….you will taste really delicious, homemade Mexican food made with love by Miguel and Juan Garcia and Berta-who hates the camera but she whips up some of the best food you’ll ever taste!

HappyCustomers1.Old Mexico4.2014

Old Mexico serenades you with a fantastic live Mariachi quartet while you eat to make your visit truly unforgettable.



Mariachi Estrallas De Americas will serenade you on Sundays
Mariachi Estrallas De Americas will serenade you on Sundays



Have your wedding reception, birthday and business event at Old Mexico!
Have your wedding reception, birthday and business event at Old Mexico!






Feature Styory Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Photography by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Shot with a Nikon 24 MP DSLR 2300

Copyright April 2014, Paulette L. Motzko



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