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I charge $60 per hour for high resolution food photography or for restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada.

$75 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum.

If you want the image branded, digital art, or special effects like lithograph, or digital painting, those are included with the $75 hourly rate.

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1000.00 for On Location Feature Story about the people, the experience and of course how fabulous the food is!

The Feature Story package includes:

-200 high definition or high resolution images

– Interview with chef or owner.

-Feature Story that describes in vivid sensory detail the experience of going to your restaurant.

I don’t write reviews! I only showcase the extraordinary.

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Paulette Le Pore Motzko

September 22, 2018


Red Rock Pizza

Above a photo of “Rocky” Red Rock Pizza’s friendly mascot that greets everyone as you walk in the door. He caught my attention, that’s for sure!

In all of my 56 years I’ve never seen a place that makes their cannolis fresh when you come in and they are 1 million percent worth the wait! They make the best cannolis I’ve ever had in my life, and that’s a fact.

The vanilla custard filling is nice and creamy and has a subtle vanilla flavor too.

The photo that I created now has 1,161 views. Wait till you see what it would look like if we could play it on a nice white plate!

The interior photo above I shot on my last visit. I can’t believe in just a few weeks it has gotten 21,240 views as of Monday, July 6th, 2018 at 11 a.m.

Everyday the images that I photographed and edited then put on Google Maps for your restaurant increased by 200 views a day or more.

If you sold more those homemade cannolis you make that are out of this world it’s because the photo and review on Google Maps photographed with my HD camera by me three weeks ago alone got over 800 views!

I never quite know how the pictures are going to do once I create them, but I was elated when I discovered through a report from Google yours did as well as they did.

All the photos that I did from PLM Studios are number 1 on Google Maps now.

Another interior shot above that the world loves on Google Maps where I am a Guide and Expert Photographer.

I just noticed when I was there they didn’t have any good interior shots anywhere so I took some for them!

I always do what’s never been done because I don’t want to be a repeat of anybody. I hope to be someone’s Answered Prayer.

The people at Red Rock Pizza have a real vested interest in what they do and great Italian cooking is a passion with all of them.

Customer service really matters to them too because their regular customers matter to them and they always come first.

Paul, the owner is so friendly and kind and he was the first one to ever wait on me when I came in months ago.

They take pride in the quality of ingredients and everything they make and the way they do it, unlike most places.

When I talked to Crystal on the phone yesterday, she mentioned that she had been there for 20 years.

Then I said “that’s because you’re doing something really right and you’re like one of the family now. You’re one of the many great people that Red Rock Pizza has to keep bringing people in.”

After all, great restaurants are built around way more than just great food on a plate. The people who make it all great are key. Red Rock Pizza has people working for it who genuinely made my experience a great and memorable one!

You can always tell a great restaurant when the staff has been there over 20 years; this is the case here.

Their menu is quite extensive and it would take several years probably to try everything on it, but it would be culinary tour I’d like to take!

Everything I’ve tried though, is outstanding including the mozzarella cheese bread pictured here below.

The photo I took an edited is now up to 773 views!

You have to try this cozy family owned Italian restaurant out! No matter what you order, you can’t go wrong and you will leave with a smile on your face!

Have a company? I can help you make it look great on the net and showcase clear, eye-catching photos like this one….

I will photograph what you want to sell.

People look.

People by what they see.

Which is why you’ll want to hire ME!

Paulette Motzko.


‘No loud kids’ policy ‘good for business’ at Old Fisherman’s Grotto in Monterey

Mr. Shake doesn’t say kids aren’t allowed but asks if the child cries or makes disruptive noises to kindly, as a consideration to other paying diners to take the child outside.

I remember when Mark my now ex-husband the rocket scientist and I would go to really nice restaurants we would purposely sit away from screaming kids. After all, who would willingly sit next to that when you’re sitting down to a $50 dinner. We simply didn’t want to hear the screaming and yelling that there might be and I don’t think that’s so wrong. I know if each parent put themselves in the position of fellow diners they wouldn’t blame them.

I love kids but I couldn’t have kids but I taught kids piano 25 years and my opinion about children is they’re 100% the parent’s responsibility. Love, values, the way they think about themselves and how they behave in public.

The behavior of a child is representative of the parent that brought that child into the world. And, when you go anywhere, whether it’s a church and they have that separate crying room area for the really young kids, that’s just out of consideration for other people.

It doesn’t mean that those people are wrong for wanting quiet it just means that they want peace and they want a nice dining experience.

After working with restaurants over the span of a decade that I been doing feature stories for restaurants, and photographs for them, I know that that’s Paramount to every restaurant owner.

Every restaurant owner or wants is to create a pleasant “dining experience” for their happy guests. I just had never heard of anyone that did this before and I think it may be blunt but I think there’s nothing wrong with it.

How would I feel if the parents feel if they were listening screaming?

Probably not great.

A little kindness and consideration goes a long way in this world that’s what Mr. Shakes blunt way of passing accomplishes.

Blunt yes, but it gets the job done.

Diners know that when they go to The Old Fisherman’s Grotto it’s nice and quiet and delicious; I’m sure it’s awesome! I was there many years ago when I was married; it’s so beautiful around there.

I grew up in Southern California and I’ve thought about going to Monterey again because what area has a majesty and charm about it unlike any other.

When I was married I didn’t have blogs when I wasn’t paid writer and I wasn’t photographer either I hadn’t discovered those things yet.

I would love to take pictures there and I think I’ll drop by and say hello to Mr. Shake and have some delicious food when I go!

Original story adapted from ABC News excerpt from Google.

Written and compiled by

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

May 18th 2018. 9:49 a.m.

I Write the Words That Capture The Experience of Going to Your Restaurant: The Flavors, Aromas, Atmosphere and People that Make it Great.

I wanted to create a Triple Win with the restaurants and businesses I work with. I work with the restaurant owners, and decision makers of the restaurant.

 I create a “team” with them and work side by side with the marketing directors and owners to showcase only the great things about the restaurant and what makes it unique

I find out what they want the world to know about their restaurant or food business.

 I learn all I can about the restaurant, the company, and it’s  history and I do what they are NOT doing or have never tried before.

Sometimes you just never thought of it or didn’t know anybody who can make it all happen. 

Part of the success of working with companies and helping them showcase what makes them great, is seeing their vision for their company.

 I propel their vision in unique  ways that generates business equaling dollars for their clients

A Feature  Story accentuates the positive things about the restaurant, and only those things.

 In other words, I capitalize on what’s great and unique- it’s not a “review”, which tells what’s good and bad and needs and needs improvement. 

 I also shoot high-definition photographs and high resolution photos in 24 megapixel resolution with a Nikon 3200 DSLR and Nikon 3300 cameras. I also shoot in high definition with the help of my phablet with over a hundred Professional photography applications. I am capable of  not only shooting the photo but in creating many different photo effects like paintings, lithographs and other interesting and uniqueven photo transformations.

These unique, customized pictures can be blown up mural size for wall art to create a menu with or LED slide presentation.  

I work on projects that vary in length, depending on how many photos my client wants and other specialized services like blog posts and or search engine optimization tagging.

 It usually takes 3 weeks to write and create an Illustrated Feature Story withan Illustrated Chef interview, Cutomized high definition or high resolution at 24 megapixel photographs with either or both my Nikon D 3200 or Nikon 3300 DSLR cameras and or high definition with my Galaxy Note 4 phablet. My tablet is not a phone it is a computerized miniature tablet that has over a hundred professional  photography apps on it.

With those Professional Photography Applications, combined with my 10 years of Food Photography, blogging and Food Styling experience, and my Artistic Eye- I can create photographs that look like paintings, sketches, digital images that look exactly like the person through it or painted it

I photograph the food itself, as if it were a model, making it the star of your show – your restaurant. 

 Through thorough communication with your main people: marketing director, general manager executive chef and owners, I hope to capture and make come to life in words and pictures your restaurant to the world

I shoot the interior and exterior of the restaurant itself known as Architectural Photography

Here are some that I photographed of the Ravioli Brassata at Otto Enoteca Pizzaria that Mario Batali and Bastianich are owners of.

 I took myself and a friend there for an early birthday present this year in August 2016. St. Mark’s Square is one of my favorite places in Las Vegas because you can usually always hear the music of the phenomenal Trio call The Venetian Trio almost every night from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

People from all over the world gather there and listen to the extraordinary violin accordion and flute music played there. If your Italian or partly Italian and even if you’re not, you definitely will feel better after going there! All this is in the Five star rated The Venetian Resort and Casino.

All the fabulous restaurants and food businesses in st. Mark’s Square at the Venetian get to enjoy the Beautiful music of The Venetian Trio. They made my birthday fabulous, I’m not kidding you! I’ve ever seen in my life that plays songs from almost every country you can think of! I’ve been to concerts in Southern California with prime seats that I didn’t enjoy as much as The Venetian Trio’s magical music.

Above is some  rigatoni that I ordered on a separate occasion when I just took myself for an awesome dinner at Otto Enoteca Pizzeria.

In seventh heaven at Otto enjoying the whole experience and grand service I get every time I dine at this top notch restaurant with the most incredible looking, phenomal dining experience I have ever seen in my life! You can travel through almost every region of Italy just by looking at the wine list.

Photography of Paulette motzko by Leonardo Valencia. Photo editing and digital graphic arts call Paulette Motzko, Copyright 2016

Above photograph taken by Leonardo Valencia. Photo editing and digital graphic arts by Paulette Motzko copyright 2016

The beautiful Grand Canal Shoppes reminiscent Venice, Italy.

Above image Around the Piazza at St. Mark’s Square Streetosphere.

Above photo is the Gourmet Meatloaf Dinner with homemade mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables from Du-par’s Diner at Sun Coast Hotel and Casino
Paulette Le Pore Motzko