The Twin Dragon at The Block of Orange

The Twin Dragon Restaurant
Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright, August 20th, 2012
When I walked by The Twin Dragon Restaurant in the new Outlets of Orange, formerly the Block, I saw people outside eating. They were not only eating but they all looked happy, sharing the dishes on their plates and the food looked amazing! I met Darlene Chou when I came in as she was one of the owners. I then met her husband Boone Chou and he couldn’t have been more gracious. When I told him I was with and I wanted to write a Feature Story and take some photos for him, it was good timing. Turned out he had wanted to have a menu redone with photos for each item on the menu. I took the photos needed today and sampled a little from each soup that was made:
War Won-Ton Soup-I noticed immediately that everything was made homemade and the broth was sheer joy-not salty and delicately balanced. The Executive Master Chef King Hung Wong is a genius here. He is the only chef in the place and manages to orchestrate about 26 dishes that are made fresh to order and made in small batches. That is what I noticed on the exterior when I wondered if Twin Dragons was a family owned business. The won tons are filled with ground pork and delicately seasoned. In each bowl there is a generous portion of won tons, barbecued pork, and celery.
Szechuan Spicy Beef Noodle Soup-This deeply hued soup has a rich brown broth and contains many layers of seafood. You cannot help but smile and look surprised when you see the size of the bowl that will come to your table when you order one of the 7 soups Twin Dragon Restaurant offers.
Twin Dragon’s House Special Soup is a cornucopia of many kinds of meats with chicken, beef, shrimp, stir fried vegetables over noodle soup.
When I tasted their War Won Ton Soup it was hands down the best I ever had in a restaurant in my life! The difference was in the broth, and it was seasoned perfectly. It wasn’t over-salted as many are, and it had a clean flavor that allowed the flavor of the won tons to come through. For a modest price, two people can split one of the larger bowls and even with ravenous appetites, the two would be full when done.
Da Lu Mei-This is a vegetarian’s dream. Made with a very picuant and delicious tomato based broth with a touch of vinegar to give it a punch, it has tofu,
Three Flavor Pan Fry Noodle-This dish looks like art on a plate. Between the barbecued pork, succulent shrimp, poached chicken in a light and delicious sauce that melds all the ingredients together.
They offer a wide array of dishes specializing in using the freshest ingredients possible and not cutting corners or using convenience foods in place of taking the TIME to make traditional Chinese specialties using age old cooking principles.
You will be able to taste the difference. All the dishes are made by Master Chef King Hung Wong. When I first walked into the restaurant I saw him smile as I looked with approval at each dish and how fresh they all looked, with such attention to detail.
Some of the most popular dishes are the combination platters and you can see people who work close by taking time to truly enjoy a homemade meal that they didn’t make or have the time to make. It is a great place to take your next date because the large outdoor seating area will allow you and your date to hear each other but not be heard! The Outlets has gone through some major renovations over the last few years and all the original restaurants, with exception to a few larger ones, and many of the businesses are no longer there. They did revamp the entire eating area with new and upcoming restaurants featuring dishes from Thailand, Italy, and Mexico and then Twin Dragon who makes gourmet quality dishes at a fraction of the price.
Twin Dragon does catering for your next party, wedding, and they can customize about any Chinese feast can imagine in your mind. Don’t let the simple menu fool you. Make sure you ask to see their To-Go Menu. It will show all the multitude and variety of specialty dishes they offer. It will astound you.
After trying the many soups while doing the photo shoot when I created a photo menu sign for them, I am a convert of Twin Dragon because anywhere else just falls short of the fantastic flavors and attention to every detail, including the art of plating from Master Chef King Hung Wong, that you cannot find at any other location other than The Block of Orange. They are located across from Victoria Secret at what is now called The Outlets, formerly called The Block of Orange, and a hop skip and a jump from Starbucks.
You can feed a family very reasonably because the portions on the soups and other menu items can be split.
When approaching the owners of Twin Dragon to have me write this Feature Story, I saw it as a triple win: Fresh food made in smaller batches and due to the amazing business they get, fresh food is constantly made for you to enjoy. Mr. Boone Chou himself takes a “hands on approach” to the restaurant and cleans the floor himself, because he is a stickler for detail and perfection. It matters to him that you have the most pleasant dining experience you could possibly have in a Chinese restaurant. Customer Service is the key word and the Quality is obvious by the way each dish looks and tastes when it comes to your table.
Boone & Darlene Chou recently became the owners of this very successful and popular restaurant. They are friendly to all who come in, and great with kids. His wife Darlene is a very pretty and sweet lady who works very hard but always has time to smile and be gracious. As you know, you can have a winning restaurant and if the management is not friendly nobody wants to come in. You will feel at home here and when you look around you will see families and people of all types enjoying the dining area and huge outdoor seating available at the Twin Dragon Orange location.
It makes me happy when great businesses like these do well and I guarantee you will not want to go anywhere else once you try it! Tell Boon and Darlene Paulette Motzko sent you!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko


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